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CBIE Photo and Video Contest


The Photo and Video contest is made possible with the support of RBC

Show Us Your International Education Story

Enter CBIE’s 4th Annual Photo/Video Contest 2014

Congratulations Eisa Alhabib from the University of Calgary. He took first prize in both the photo and video categories for CBIE’s 4th Annual Photo and Video Contest. See his entries below.

Over 600 people voted online to pick a winner from 10 finalists, including the delegates from CBIE’s Annual Conference in Ottawa. Votes were sent in from all over the world including Romania, Brazil and Kuwait.


Eisa Alhabib, University of Calgary: This photo was taken at Chira Island, Costa Rica in April 2014 at a rural elementary school. Volunteering with the ucalgarycares program for a community-based learning experience was truly the best experience I have ever had in my life. I come from Kuwait, known to be a very wealthy Middle Eastern country that produces 9% of the world’s oil reserves. When in Costa Rica, I had stayed for almost two weeks living with a host family and to be able to share their everyday routines of having rice and beans for breakfast and fishing as a source of money, I thought to myself that I have to start learning how to appreciate the life that I live. Meeting the kids at the elementary school was the highlight of my experience. Their smiles never left their faces and to have what we call “so little” yet be very satisfied with their lives is something to really think about. We got to help them by mixing cement and creating an assembly area for the school. I learned that permanent happiness comes from satisfaction and helping others, not with having more. This will not be the last time I travel abroad to volunteer.

Eisa Alhabib Video Entry: “Who Am I?” 

Francesca Abbondanza-Bergeron from Concordia University was the finalist for the Video category.

Manoel Marcelino de Sa Junior, a Ciência sem Fronteiras student from the University of Toronto, was the finalist in the Photo category.

Manoel Marcelino de Sa Junior

Manoel Marcelino de Sa Junior, University of Toronto: As a Science without Borders student, the opportunity to study in Canada has brought changes to my life in a way that I never imagined to be possible. In this brief period, I passed through unique experiences both on campus and off campus that has built in me into a new person. Every person that I’ve met was like a river of chances to discover a new perspective on life, as well as an opportunity to share my culture, and to learn about theirs. In the same way, the places I visited showed me how big, different and beautiful the world is. Each road has led me to gorgeous natural beauty spots like Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia, calm places that make us think that this world worth the effort to keep it exactly as it is: a natural paradise.

Thanks to our members and CBIE staff who promoted the contest this fall.

Special thanks to RBC for making this contest possible and allowing us to share these global stories with you all.


What’s your story? What unforgettable moments have you experienced in your international education journey? What did you learn?

Photo Submission-Jocelyn SevignyThe Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is pleased to announce its 4th annual Photo and Video Contest.

International education has the power to change the world – to break down cultural and regional barriers and expand personal, academic and professional horizons.        Everyone benefits when you are immersed in a new culture, exchanging new ideas at faraway institutions and creating lifelong friendships and relationships. CBIE member institutions help make these experiences happen for thousands of students each year.  We invite you to share your story with us.

  • Show us how your studies, research or internship abroad have enriched (or are currently enriching) your life and work.
  • Send us a photo accompanied by a short testimonial (200 words or less) OR make your story come alive with a video submission.
  • We are looking for submissions that clearly show the transformative benefits of international study and exchange.
  • The contest is open to international and Canadian students, (university/college/language schools/high school) at CBIE member institutions. View list of CBIE member institutions.

You could win one of our grand prizes!

Prizes include:  $250 for winners in each category (Photo and Video) and $100 for one finalist in each category.

Qualified entries will be displayed at CBIE’s Annual Conference at The Westin Ottawa in Ottawa from November 18-22, 2014. Conference participants will vote for their favourite entry. Winners will be announced publicly during CBIE’s gala on November 21 and will be promoted during the rest of Canada’s International Education Week (November 17-22, 2014).

CBIE is Canada’s national organization dedicated to making Canada a global leader in international education. CBIE’s pan-Canadian membership comprises 150 colleges, institutes, universities, school boards and language schools which enroll over 1.2 million students from coast to coast.

 (Photo by : Jocelyn Sevigny, Finalist for CBIE’s Photo and Video Contest 2013) 

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